• A trail, such as mountain trail or nature trail, is a path on which you can walk to be close to the nature. A long trail represents a long-distance trail.

    This course was named "San'in Kaigan Geopark Trail" as it is located within the area of San'in Kaigan Geopark, which is designed as UNESCO Global Geopark.

    Long trails are flourishing as recreational actvities for those who are health-conscious and want to interact with nature. Introduction and safety maintenance of such a trail route have been carrying out all over Japan not just in San'in Kaigan.

    This website provides information including features, access, shop, foods involving the trail in order to an enjoyable environment for visitors.

    Utilize this website to prepare prior your excursion.

  • ロングトレイル


  • ロングトレイル

  • The biggest feature of this trail is the scenery that you can never get bored in San'in Kaign Geopark. You can walk on the trail while admiring. World-renowned places such as Tottori Sand Dunes and Uradome Coast also are part of the trail.

    This trail route is made up of Long Trail's featuring path. You can fully enjoy rich nature and landscape of fishing village as well as original scenery around the coast of Sea of Japan.

    This spectacular path on which you can both walk and see the scenery of the Sea of Japan will make you forget your tiredness.

    On this website, the trail course is divided into 10 sections and is introduced by sections.

    It is recommended to walk several times for comparison.

    The difficulty of each route is actually determined by the staff, however, it changes depending on the physical strength and walking experience of walkers. Please use it as a reference.

    Try easier course first if you are with little children or you have no confidence in your physical strength. On harder courses, you can enjoy a walk which include ups and downs with log bridges. The features of each course are posted in this website. Use them for preparation.


Introduction for each course


You can see detailed maps from the lists below.

Courses Difficulty Level Distance Outline  
Course1 ★★ 4.6km 東浜駅~大羽尾~山陰海岸ジオパーク海と大地の自然館
Higashihama Sta. - Obaneo - San'in Kaigan Geopark Museum of the Earth and Sea

You can see the ocean on both side while walking on this course. The scenic view can be seen from the observatory on the way as well. Though this course has ups and downs, it is easy to walk on. It is good for the beginners.
Course2 4.1km 山陰海岸ジオパーク海と大地の自然館~牧谷~城原海岸
San'in Kaigan Geopark Museuem of the Earth and Sea - Makidani - Shirawara Kaigan Coast

It is flat at the first part of this course. The path goes mainly through the sandy shore. You can see dried squids if the timing is right. Though this course has little ups and downs, it is suited for beginners as the route is paved.
Course3 ★★★ 3.9km 城原海岸~鴨ヶ磯~網代~島めぐり遊覧船乗り場
Shirawara Kaigan Coast - Kamogaiso Shore - Ajiro Port - Pier for Island Cruise

Walk on the nature path.
You can fully enjoy looking at scenery unique to the San'in Kaigan Geopark Trail such as Sakamori Domon and Sengan Matsushima.
Cuttlefish is air-dried , which is different from Tajiri Village's. Dried cuttlefish is available for purchase. This course has ups and downs, so is suitable for people with certain physical strength and stamina.
Course4 3.7km 島めぐり遊覧船乗り場~大谷海岸~岩戸
Pier for Island Cruise - Otani Kaigan Coast - Iwado

Cross Mt. Shichiyama from Otani Kaigan Coast through the nature path.
This course is short distance, however, has ups and downs.
Tottori Sand Dunes can be seen from Iwado. It is suitable for beginners.
Course5 ★★ 7.1km 岩戸~鳥取砂丘~鳥取砂丘西側休憩舎
Iwado - Tottori Sand Dunes - Tottori Sand Dunes West Rest Arbor

Walk on the nature path/sand dunes. In this course, across sand dunes passing through Umanose . Although the flat path continues one, there are ups and downs on Sand Dunes. It is suited for from beginners to intermediates because of its long distance.
Course6 ★★ 9.0km 鳥取砂丘西側休憩舎~多鯰ヶ池~摩尼寺
Tottori Sand Dunes West Rest Arbor - Tanegaike Pond - Maniji Temple

Walk along Tanegaike Pond on the paved road lined with pear farms. Though this path goes through the forest, it is an easy course. There are two restaurants in front of Maniji Temple and you can eat Dengaku (a miso glazed konjak) and wild vegetable dishes. This course is for beginners and intermediate walkers.
Course7 ★★★★ 8.3km 摩尼寺~久松山~鳥取駅
Maniji Temple - Mt. Kyusho - Tottori Sta.

Walk on the mountain. This course has ups and downs with nature such as crossing a log bridge and walking along the river. You can look down the cityscape of Tottori from Mt. Kyusho. This course is for intermediate to advanced walkers.
CourseU ★★ 8.5km しおさい香苑~鎧駅
Shiosai Kohen - Yoroi Sta.
CourseV 2.0km 鎧駅~道の駅あまるべ
Yoroi Sta - Michinoeki-Amarube
CourseW ★★★ 19.0km 道の駅あまるべ~相応峰寺
Michinoeki-Amarube - Sohohmine Temple
CourseX ★★★ 10.4km 相応峰寺~観音山~城山~諸寄漁港
Sohohmine Temple - Mt. Kannon - Mt. Shiroyama - Moroyose Fishing Port

Climb up Mt. Shiroyama and look at the views of fishing port. You can enjoy views of the lighthouse looking down from Mt. Shiroyama and ocean extending all around. You can also admire both mountain and sea such as the stone Buddhist statue at the approach of Mt. Kannon.
CourseY 4.6km 諸寄漁港~居組駐在所
Moroyose Fishing Port - Igumi Police Substation

Walk on the paved road of Route 178.You can feel the history and admire landscape of fishing port including the shrine protected with bricks and beautiful coastal view.
CourseZ ★★ 5.8km 居組駐在所~東浜駅
Igumi Police Substation - Higashihama Sta.

Walk on the paved road at the prefecture's border between Tottori and Hyogo.Walk up the slightly slope and look at the view from observation decks in various places.You can enjoy orignial landscapes by walking on the narrow street in the fishing port.

TO WALKERS - MANOR & RULES - established Sep. 4 in 2015

Basic Rules

1:Respect the nature

The trail route passes through the San'in Kaigan Geopark and San'in Kaigan National Park. Do not remove rocks and minerals as well as care for animals and plants in order to protect beautiful landscapes and rich ecosystems.

Basic Manners

1:Bring all the litter back with you.

Bring all kinds of plastic, metal, paper as well as cooking liquid, leftovers and cigarette butt back without throwing and burying.

2:Use toilet in the facilities or portable toilets along the trail.

3:Give consideration to local residences, other tourists and hikers.

Be considerate of other hikers and local residences so that anyone can enjoy excursions on this trail.

4:Collect informations in advace and avoid impracticable trekking.

Local Rules

1:Follow the rules stated by region

A: A part of Tottori Sand Dunes

Following actions prohibited based on the Ordinance to Protect and Care for the Tottori Sand Dunes and Natrual Park Law.

・Do not take away sands from the dunes
・Do not drive into the dunes with automobiles or other vehicles
・Do not write in the sand
・Do not let pets loose and leave animal droppings
・Do not litter (trash, cigarette butts, etc.)
・Do not set off fireworks
・Do not set up tents or other temporary structure outside the camping site
・Do not place advertisements or notices on billboards
・Do not swim along the coast of the dunes
・Do not act in such way to disturb or harm others as hitting golf balls

* Violators are subject to imprisonment, penality or administrative penalty.

B: "Shirawara Kaigan Coast" and "Kamogaiso Shore" in Uradome Coast

Follow the rules below in Shirawara Kaigan Coast and Kamogaiso Shore.

 ・Take all gabage and coal back home with you.
・Don't make fire and barbecue.
・Don't lodge in a tent.
※In case of violation, you may be subjected to violation of Wastes Disposal and Public Cleaning Law, Natural Parks Law, Ordinance for Prohibiting Camping.

2:Staying overnight is allowed only in the designated area

※The only campsites along the trail route are YANAGICHAYA campsite, which is open 365 days in a year and located near Tottori Sand Dunes, and MAKIDANI campsite, which is open only summer and located in Iwami Town. Only at these sites you are allowed to stay over in a tent. Use accomodations such as a inn, guest house and hotel.

3:Be careful not to damage any monuments, cultural assets and so on.


1:Be careful when you walk in the rain, especially on Uradome Coast nature trail.

2:There are rock surface and steep slope on the trail. Be aware of falling rocks.

3:There might be traffic on the trail. Pay great attention to vehicle when you cross the road.

4:There is a possiblity of hornets, sneaks and wild boars in some locations. Be careful of them.

5:Since wild bears are seen between Maniji Temple (Kakuji, Tottori) to Tottori Castle Ruin, protect yourself by carrying bells on when you walk.

6:As beach erosion causes sand to shift around, gap in sandy beach may be occured with further erosion. In the case, it can be dangerous to walk on the boundary with the beach. Find safe spots to walk on.

Administrator's disclaimer

Please note that administrator will not take any responsibility for any kinds of accidents happened in San'in Kaigan Geopark Trail. Be mindful of your own physical conditions and safety during an excursion.


Access from other prefectures to JR Tottori Station


About 2h 30m from Osaka (using the limited express train)
About 2h from Okayama (using the limited express train)

By Airplane

About 1h 15m from Tokyo to Tottori Airport
About 15m from Tottori Airport to Tottori Sta. by shuttle bus

By Expressway Bus

About 2h 50min from Osaka

By Car

About 2h 30m from Osaka (using Chugoku Expressway)

Access from Tottori Station to Tottori Sand Dunes

By Regular Bus

About 22m (using the bus to Sand Dunes)

By Car

About 15m (using public highway)

Access from Tottori Station to Iwami Station


About 24m (using the train to Hamasaka)

By Car

About 30m (using Route9)

Access from Iwami Station to Higashihama Station


About 6m (using the train to Hamasaka)

By Car

About 24m (using the town bus to Tajiri/Kugami)

Access from Tottori Station to Hamasaka Station


About 50m (using the train to Hamasaka)

By Car

About 40m (using public highway)