Guides available in the Geopark

In the San’in Kaigan Geopark, Geopark guides and staff members of related facilities will guide you around the Geopark. They have a great deal of knowledge of the must-see spots in the Geopark, and the relationship between such spots and the Geopark. You can also ask for information on good restaurants in the area!

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Tottori-shi Shikano Traffic Interchange Hall "Tranquil Shikano Guide Club"/
Tottori Area(Shikano Castle Town)

◆Comment from the Guide

We are delighted to share the rich historic heritage of this region with visitors to Shikano. We are also delighted if visitors choose to visit Shikano again based on their communication with us. Currently there are six male guides and three female guides in our guide group. Come and visit Shikano!


【Guide group address】 1353 Shikano, Tottori City, Tottori Prefecture, 689-0405
【Guiding spots】

Shikano castle town

【Guided Tour Details】

(1) Guided tour of Shikano castle town
– Ruins of Shikano Castle, townscape selected as one of "Tottori Prefecture’s 100 Buildings," Kousei-ji Temple, the lives of Kamei Korenori and Yamanaka Shikanosuke.

(2) Guided tour of the Shikano Fault (*Contact us beforehand)

Required time

60-90 min.


Charged (1,000 yen for a group up to 14 people, 2,000 yen for a group of 15-40 people, 3,000 yen for a group of 41-55 people. All fees are for one guided tour for one group.)

Hours 9:00-16:00
Last acceptance time



Required (by phone)

Reserve no later than One week in advance
Guides not available

No holidays

Name of the group

Tottori City Shikano Traffic Interchange Hall

Phone number 0857-38-0030
Fax number 0857-38-0031
Others (Website)


*The above information is correct as of the beginning of June 2014. Please confirm the details before you make a reservation.