• September 15(Tue.) – 20(Sun.),2015

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Organizer greeting

  • Chairman of the 4th APGN San’in Kaigan Symposium Organizing Committee
    Kazuo Oike

    Good morning, everyone. On behalf of the organizing committee, I would like to say a few words for the opening.
    The 4th APGN San’in Kaigan Symposium has 618 people registered until today. 322 are overseas guests among them. Some of the events have already started. I was in Kyotango City yesterday and experienced creating a magatama. I would like to show you my work. This is good to avoid evil spirits and I made it to wish the success of this symposium. I have been enjoying a lot already by joining Pre-Conference Excursion and Ice-Breaker Dinner Party since yesterday.
    Ms. Tomoko Kawao, calligraphy performer, has just written “Coastal Legend” in Chinese characters. I hope everyone enjoyed her performance regardless of whether you understand these Chinese characters or not. She means a legend in this coastal area. There are many stories in this geopark including geological stories. About 16 million years ago, the Sea of Japan expanded from the Eurasian plate. It was a continental shift. You are able to see the story of that change and understand a dynamic change of the earth in this area.
    Another important point is that there are three major active faults. In the 20th century, there were three major earthquakes in this area. Now you are very safe because those major earthquakes already completed in the 20th century and we are able to learn the mechanism of earthquakes. Local people helped us organize and welcome you for this event. Please enjoy coming days together with them.
    Let me extend my appreciation to especially local people for their preparation and organization. Also my gratitude goes to those who are traveling a long distance. There are about 1,000 people joining because this is open to the public. I would like to appreciate for joining this event. Thank you very much.

  • Chairman of San’in Kaigan Geopark Promotion Council
    Muneharu Nakagai

    Good morning. My grandmother often told me, “Be brave,” so I will challenge an English speech. Welcome to the San’in Kaigan Geopark in Toyooka. We are honored to host the APGN Symposium and we would like to express our gratitude for those who support the symposium and all participants. Here in Japan, Mt. Aso in Kyushu district about 900 kilometers from Toyooka is now erupting, a small eruption.
    Dr. Zouros often says that geopark’s ‘geo’ does not come from geology, but comes from the word ‘Gaia’. It means that geoparks are heritage of the earth or heritage of the Earth’s activities, which include geological, ecological, and cultural features. We can enjoy these heritages at each geopark, but at the same time, we have to recognize that, if we in real time face activities of the Earth, we will find they often are big problems for us. We sometimes enjoy climbing volcanoes, but almost all of us do not like climbing one that is just erupting. Japan exists on a mobile belt, so Japanese geoparks’ activities characteristically include teaching and learning about how natural disasters occur and how to reduce disasters.
    Participants of this symposium come from all over the world and through this symposium you will notice more about and enjoy mutual difference and similarity. Tonight, we are going to provide you with a food tour of Toyooka City. Pick three restaurants out of 24 by your own choice, visit them, and join local people there and taste food. Please put your mind at ease. People in Toyooka are very kind to you. Have good luck. I hope you will enjoy your stay in the San’in Kaigan Geopark. Thank you very much.

  • APGN Coordinator
    Ibrahim Komoo

    Good morning, honorable guests, ladies and gentlemen. Personally, I would like to thank San’in Kaigan Global Geopark for inviting me for this wonderful symposium
    to be with all of you. This is my third visit to San’in Kaigan, and every time I am here, I am amazed with the hospitality and the innovation that is provided during my visit. On behalf of APGN, I would like to thank the Japanese Committee on Geoparks and also San’in Kaigan for hosting this wonderful APGN Symposium. For us, this is a very important symposium to be able to network, to share experience, and also to share good practices.
    I would like to announce that yesterday during our coordination committee meeting of APGN, we have made a very important decision. Previously, APGN was as a non-governmental organization (NGO) without legal entity, or a non-legal entity. However, we made a decision to be part of GGN. GGN now is a legal entity registered as an international body in Paris and APGN became Asia-Pacific regional chapter of GGN, so this is truly a milestone for us. I am looking forward that, in the next few years, APGN will try our best to support the activities of geoheritage as well as geoparks in the Asia-Pacific region.
    I wish that we will have a wonderful productive symposium, and once again thank you to the hosts Global Geopark for hosting this APGN Symposium. Thank you very much.